Boston Marathon Tragedy


When choosing to write about a subject such as this one, where do you even begin? It’s heart breaking to think about. Sadly this is the world we live in. A world where the worst things can happen at possibly your happiest moment. A moment where you’re accomplishing a goal. A moment where you’re enjoying time with your family, with your children, with your loved ones. Just a simple moment.

I was sitting at my desk at work when my co-worker alerted everyone to the news. I only heard him say there was an explosion and there was blood everywhere to conclude it was a terrorist attack. Immediately, I assumed it was here in New York, but when I realized it was at such an event, where people happily gathered to achieve a goal, I was struck  more than initially. Not because it made the situation any worse, but because it was a world famous event filled with tourist from different countries. Since 9/11  New Yorkers, I don’t want to say expect these things to happen, because we don’t walk about the city thinking we’ll be blown up, but we are just a little more aware to the high possibility, especially after North Korea declared war on us. Why else would the city heighten it’s security? So our nerves are little more on edge, but what I’m really thinking now is how these bombs were placed  at the Boston Marathon, threatening not only American lives, but the lives of individuals from different countries who attend and compete in the event, and on such a patriotic day. Were they being punished for not hating the U.S? For visiting it? For helping us celebrate what stands for the beginning of our revolution for Independence?  I don’t want to take this concept on because I don’t have the capability of thinking how terrorist do (If it is a terrorist attack, which it likely is).  I just don’t understand how anyone could choose to attack innocent people! People who were probably at the peak of they’re enjoyment as the runners crossed the finish line! Tourist will probably think twice before visiting the U.S and who can blame them.

While watching the news I could only imagine how the ones who planted the bombs waited for the devices to explode. Smiling… ugh! It is so nauseating. And what gets me the most is that poor eight-year-old boy who hadn’t even begun to live his life. I could imagine the joy on his face as he watched the race up on the barrister, him and his 6-year-old sister who reportedly lost a leg, both children, unsuspecting. What kind of world is this that we have to think twice before going to an event. My mother said immediately after she heard of the news that she would not be gathering anywhere where there was a multitude of people. She especially warned me to be careful because of where my building is located in the city. How careful could anyone be?

This morning, as my train approached Grand Central, the lights went out, flickering as they did, and the train stopped abruptly before reaching the station. We all looked around at each other in the darkness.The first thought on my mind was predictable. I don’t even have to say it because I imagine you’ve all arrived upon it. Isn’t it sad that I know it’s true. Isn’t it sad that though I haven’t said it, that though everyone is different and thinks differently, I’m aware you all know what my first thought was as I waited for the dark train to move again. It’s very sad…


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